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About us...


My name is Danielle Clermont. I grew up in the suburbs of Quebec, more specifically in Sillery. As far back as I can remember, animals have always had a very important place in my life. When I was a little girl, I remember that my neighbors screaming because I was walking huge insect attached with a leash on the sidewalk.


My passion is not limited to dogs. I like to observe the behavior of animals; their interactions and see them play.  I have, for years, bought horses in bad shape. I gave them good food and gave them a good workout after that, I put them in good families. They had not had the chance to be trained, loved and educated properly.


I own a huge land and I have a small horse riding school. Because I have time and I'm home, one day, I decided to start small breeding dogs.  I choose the Westie breed.


I quickly realized the importance of having good conformations in order to avoid serious health problems, lameness, etc ... So, in order to improve my breeding, I have searched for good breeders, willing to help me, so that I can acquire good breeding animals.  Having failed to find a breeder in Quebec, I finally met a breeder of Ontario, who has agreed to sell my first puppy on condition that I make him do his championship and that I continue to improve.


 We own wonderful kennel where the dogs do their sleep. They spend the day free to come and go as they wish. They enjoy an enclosure of 130 x 100 feet, they have a nice pack life. They also come walk with me.


In summary, I am an animal lover.  I devotes my life, my energy and almost all my time. They make me happy by their gestures, their games or simply their presence.